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#1 – Historic Sites

Zanzibar has a long and fascinating history, and it would be a shame to visit the Spice Island without experiencing a little of that often dark story.

There are a variety of ways to learn more about Zanzibar’s history as a slave port, British protectorate, and former independent nation.

One popular option is to take a half-day Stone Town tour in which you’ll wander the labyrinthine alleys and bustling market bazaars of the Zanzibari capital. Highlights of this tour include the National Museum of Zanzibar, the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, and the haunting ruins of the former slave market.

For those with a little more time, the Zanzibar Prison Island tour combines history with a little leisure. You’ll not only visit the prison island to observe its new turtle inhabitants, but also enjoy some time snorkeling around the gorgeous former prison island.

#2 – Safari Blue

Zanzibar is paradise for people who love the water. From scuba diving to water sports to snorkeling, there’s no shortage of ways to experience Zanzibar’s warm waters.

For those who want to experience a little of everything that makes Zanzibar so special, the popular Safari Blue is a perfect choice.

This full-day experience takes you on a day of sailing, sunbathing, snorkeling, and feasting as you explore the fabulous Zanzibar coast. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to sunbathe on isolated sand banks, spot dolphins playing in the waves, and feast on delicious BBQ seafood.

You’ll also have the chance to trade the comfort of your sailboat for a traditional dhow and/or outrigger canoe along the way, so you can experience how the locals have plied their trade for centuries.

If you’ve only got one day to take a tour on Zanzibar, you can’t go wrong with Safari Blue.

#3 – Spice Plantation Tour

Zanzibar is sometimes known as ‘spice island’ and with good reason! For much of the region’s history, its primary industry has been the export of flavourful spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pepper.

Even today, with tourism being such big business, spice farming remains a huge part of the Zanzibari economy.

Taking a spice tour might not sound like everybody’s cup of tea, but believe us when we say it is a truly fascinating, fragrant, and flavoursome experience!

You’ll be doing far more than simply visiting a spice plantation and learning about the spices, you’ll also be tasting, smelling, and touching the spices that help to flavour cuisine from around the world.

Along the way, you’ll also learn about the medicinal uses of some of these spices, sample tropical fruits, and enjoy a locally prepared lunch. It’s a treat for foodies and the culturally curious alike!

#4 – Spot Red Colobus Monkeys in Jozani Forest

You don’t have to fly to the mainland to go on safari!

The endangered red colobus monkey happens to call the 2,512-hectare Jozani Chwaka National Park at the heart of Zanzibar home. One of the few remaining sanctuaries for this rare primate, Jozani Forest is an easy day trip from almost anywhere on the island.

Trade the beach for the steaming jungle as you enjoy a guided tour through the towering palms and mangroves of Jozani Forest.

While the red colobus monkeys are wild animals, they’ve become used to seeing tourists in the park, so you’ll have a good chance to snap some photos as you learn more about the ecosystem. You’ll also have the chance to spot a huge variety of birds and butterflies and if you’re lucky, shy bushbabies.

The jungle is also said to be home to the rare Zanzibari Leopard, although sightings are incredibly rare. Nobody has seen one in several years!

Taking just half a day, a visit to Jozani Forest can be combined with the Spice Plantation Tour or enjoyed in isolation.

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