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Discover the breathtaking World during your honeymoon and enjoy the very personal atmosphere in a private setting!

The fascination country of Tanzania is an excellent destination for embarking on a honeymoon tour for newlyweds who want to spend some quality and meaningful time with each other away from the fast-paced everyday lifestyle. Tanzania Honeymoon Safari will take you through the wildlife of Tanzania along with other unique offerings like beaches and traditional culture.

The wilderness and seemingly never-ending plains of Serengeti and Ngorongoro, both located in the northern circuit, are the place to be if you and your spouse have plans of seeing the wild animals roaming around in the open spaces. Not only both of these national parks have the huge number of wildlife, but they are also varied and diverse. Serengeti National Park which is famously known for annually hosting the Great Migration in which millions of wildebeests and zebras take part in attracts millions of tourists each year. There are several lodges inside of this national park which is elegant and luxurious and located in an isolated part of the park relatively free from the crowd.

Same is the case with Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is one of the best Honeymoon Safari Destination In Tanzania. Located 180 Km from Arusha and in close proximity to Serengeti, it is home to a volcanic caldera which goes by the same name, “Ngorongoro.” It is known for housing an endemic range of flora and fauna besides the Big Five of Africa. Human settlement is restricted inside of the park and only Maasai people are allowed inside for grazing their cattle, thus nature is untouched and unadulterated. For their significance and importance, both for these are designed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Just like Serengeti, there are a number of lodges inside of the conservation area which is facing towards the pristine wilderness. From the terrace, you can have sundowners and candle night dinners in the romantic safari setting which will make your Tanzania honeymoon holiday even more memorable and bring you, even more, closer to your significant other.

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Please tell us your interest and we will arrange your honeymoon the way you want it to be, who knows it might be hiking the tallest mountain in Africa Kilimanjaro? Take you to the Endless plain of Serengeti? Or it might be the Island of Zanzibar?

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