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The unadulterated and pristine environment of Katavi is visited by very little number of intrepid travellers every year. But the park is a gem in itself which is blessed with dramatic landscapes and rich wildlife.

Katavi is the third largest national park of Tanzania and covers an area of approximately 4,471 sq km. The park is an extension of western rift valley and retains much of the valley’s geographical features like dry woodlands and open plains. The park also wholly encompasses three large water bodies: Katuma River, Lake Chada, and Lake Katavi. This varied topography supports a wide range of animals. Also the isolation means the wildlife has the luxury of a better breeding environment.

Hippopotamus are the main attraction of this park. They are seen in herds marching across the plains of Katavi and guarding their territory at the same time. As per estimates, there are over 4,000 hippos protected in Katavi. Besides that, Katavi accommodates more than 1,000 buffaloes and impressive population of impala, giraffe, zebra, hyenas, lion, and reedbuck. Endemic and endangered species like the Africa wild dog, roan and sable antelopes are spotted in Katavi too.

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