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So how much money should you need when visiting Tanzania for a safari?

When visiting Tanzania, if you already paid for your trip, you should carry at least $60- $100 a day. Bear in mind that your tour package should include transfers. Park fees, meals, and hotel accommodation.

If not yet paid for your safari you should focus on carrying around $300 – $450.

This amount will pay for the safari cost. This includes transport costs.

Park fees, and even secure budget or mid-range safari accommodation.

In this article, we will highlight the amount of money you need to carry as a tourist and why.

What are the expenses for the tourists visiting Tanzania?

The expenses depend on if you’re visiting Tanzania using a tour package that is inclusive or paying as you go. (instant bookings)

Inclusive Tour Packages Expenses

Apart from other services covered in your package. Some other costs will fall out of the tour cost structure. This includes: –


Many tour operators include only soft drinks and mineral water on your trip cost.

So in case you need alcoholic drinks or wine, you should plan to spend around $10-$30.

Depending on which kind of drink you prefer.

Visa fees – Transit or Travel Visas

This is another cost you should consider when traveling to Tanzania.

If it is a Transit or Travel visa this needs to be paid in cash at the airport or the border.

The amount of $100 needed to be paid upon entry.

Hotel Accommodation Fees – Pre & Post Safari

Hotel costs may fall under pre- or post-safari. Normally Awe Safari includes 2 night accommodation (before and after your Safari/Hike.

If you arrive before your safari starts you should have to secure your accommodation.

If not agreed with the tour operator.

And if after your safari you decide to extend your stay either in Arusha or Zanzibar.

You should also consider covering the cost.

Many lodges or hotels in Arusha range from $50- $1,000 per day.

So, the cost will depend on where you want to stay while on safari in Tanzania.


Tipping is not mandatory in Tanzania but is a custom. Is a way of showing gratitude after receiving good service.

Tipping is a personal thing though tipping guides for Tanzania range from $10- $ 20 per day.

So do your simple math to add to your safari cost.

Refer to our article on Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines and Tanzania Safari Tipping Guidelines

Special Meals

Depending on the kind of tour package you get.

There may be meals that are outside of what is considered part of the tour package.

In this case, you will need to cater for the cost of these meals yourself.

We can give an estimate of anywhere between $20 and $50 per person per meal.

This would be something like a dinner or something special prepared for you.

If you’re on honeymoon, bush lunch or dinner vary from $40- $100 per person.


You should be aware that anything you wish to buy in transit or at jewelry shops should be covered by you.

Souvenirs could be either a gift you need to buy for family and friends back home.

The cost of these items could vary depending on the size, type, and location where you will buy them.

To add to your safari cost you should plan around $ 100- $400 and even above.


You might have a personal call to help others while on safari in Tanzania.

Whether visiting charity projects, orphanage centers, women’s associations, or even rural schools.

The amount to donate varies depending on one person to the other.

Take the example of an orphanage center. You should focus on contributing food or even clothes for kids.

The cost may range from $100- $300. Though there is no limit, what matters is how you need to help.

Instant Booking Tanzania Safari Expenses (Pay as you go )

The amount of money you should carry on this kind of trip to Tanzania will vary depending on many factors.

The national park which you wish to visit and for how long. The hotel accommodation or lodge standard.

The type of safari which you want to do. Either luxury camping safari or budget camping safari.

Do you prefer group joining safaris or Tanzania private safaris? All these answers will depend on you.

Focusing on the cost of instant booking in Tanzania.

You should focus on transport costs, which range from $200- $350 per day.

Hotel or lodgings during arrival range from $40 for budget accommodation to $1,300 for luxury hotels.

Park Fees for national parks in Tanzania range from $61 for Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Arusha.

And $81 for Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, and Mount Kilimanjaro.

For instant bookings make sure you consider traveling with reputable and trusted tour operators.

A tour operator can help you secure rooms for low rates compared with booking alone.

For more details about the cost of a Tanzania safari.

We have written a detailed article on: How much does a Safari Cost in Tanzania

Is there any restriction on the amount of money in Tanzania?

There is no restriction on how much cash you should bring to Tanzania.

The only restriction is that this cash should not be in Tanzanian currency.

Despite that level of freedom, you should take precautions.

To travel with large amounts of cash not only in Tanzania but across the world.

This is more important for security reasons.

What kind of currency is accepted in Tanzania?

The US dollar (US) is common and widely accepted in Tanzania.

Either in hotels. Park entrances and even many safari organizers charge their tours using US dollars.

As you plan to visit Tanzania, make sure that the dollar bill you bring is dated from 2006 onward.

Euro is accepted in a few places but in case you need help exchanging.

Your travel agency or safari guide will drop you at the bank for exchange.

Is there any reason to exchange dollars for Tanzania Currency?

The answer is yes or no.  If you’re planning to spend money on local areas or visiting local markets.

We recommend you exchange some amount of dollars for Tanzanian shillings.

You could save a deal on bargaining. If you pay for dollars, locals tend to spike prices to take advantage of you being a foreigner.

The best way to exchange your money for Tanzania currency (TZS) is to visit Bureau de Change local banks.

How about using cards in Tanzania while on Safari?

Many lodges, hotels, and even tour operators nowadays accept credit and debit cards.

The most popular cards are VISA/ MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

What you need to do is that there is a surcharge of 3.9% – 6% for these cards.

Other safari companies accept online gateways for payments. Example: Awe Safari Payments.

Depending on the bank your account is associated with. You might be required to submit some documents to prove the payment. This is for your security.

In summary, credit and debit cards are accepted in different parts of Tanzania. These places include.

  • National parks gates
  • The hotel which serves international clients
  • Curios shops
  • Tour operators
  • Banks or Payment Processors like PesaPal and Direct Pay Online (DPO)

You should take into consideration government facilities.

Many will mention accepting a visa but with no 100% guarantee.

You should carry around $100- $200 in case.

What are the things or places that need cash while on safari in Tanzania?

  • You should pay tips in cash, very few lodges or camps which accept cards to pay for tips.
    And very few have different account systems to separate tips from other transactions.
    If you wish your tips to go directly to guides or lodge or camp staff, you better focus on cash.
  • Park fees or entry. Sometimes the gates fail to process your card. You should consider paying in cash.
  • Local restaurants or local markets in Tanzania. People only offer services or products in cash.
  • Local Curious or Gift shops. Not every shop in town or the village accepts cards or online payment.
  • You should consider carrying some cash to be able to buy their products or services.

How to travel safely with cash while on safari in Tanzania?

  • If you’re in hotels or lodges. Consider using safekeeping. Many hotels provide you with a place to put your valuable staff. You should also handle the hotel reception in case you need to get out of the hotel for shopping around town.
  • While in town or on the street. Use a money belt, and avoid using wallets. Wallets can be an easy target for pickpockets in town or on the street. This is a common trend in most parts of African cities.
  • Carry a reasonable amount of cash. Avoid having an unnecessary amount of cash all the time. Money attracts people with bad intentions to attack you.
  • Keep your profile low while on safari. Show-off is not the way of life in many parts of the world. Not only for money but even for other valuable stuff you have on travel. This will help to confuse people with bad intentions. And those who always focus on stealing from foreigners.
  • Handle your cash to your travel agency. Make sure you have documents to show proof that you have handled your excess cash to the company. This is quite a safe option since the tour operator is your safari companion. From arrival to departure.

How to cut costs while traveling in Tanzania?

Ask for safari joining groups Or opt for budget lodge accommodation and choose shorter Tanzania Safari packages.

This is the best way to save money and travel in budget safari packages.

These trips can be for Tanzania camping safari or luxury lodge safari.

No matter what type of trip it is, being in a group of 3 to 4 people cuts a lot of costs down.

Because of sharing costs for hotels or lodges.

Bargain for Tanzania Safari discounts

Many tour operators set prices a bit higher compared with the actual price.

Is normal either in curio shops, malls, or even car deals to offer discounts.

Don’t feel shy, requests for discounts can save you some bucks to spend while on a safari in Tanzania.

Exchange your currency for Tanzania shillings (TZS)

This will help you while shopping around in town or even dining out at local restaurants or bars.

Sometimes the exchange rate for dollars or euros could be much better.

Then the local currency, take advantage of it, and save more on your trip.


To conclude, we wish to enjoy ourselves to the fullest being in Tanzania for safari.

Take note of the cost and the amount of money you should need in Tanzania while on safari.

We recommend you do your research for the best tour packages that will suit you.

In case you need any help with planning for your epic East Africa safari vacation.

Our team will be happy to assist in designing the bespoke safari experience for you. Contact us Today 


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